Throw Pillows


Throw pillows make such a great gift during the holidays.

They can be easy to create and make a big impression on your loved ones!

There are so many different ways to design throw pillows – it’s a wonderful way to add more personality to your decor (and to your friends’ decor).

I want to show some of the easy pillows I’ve created using my Batik Paintings.

Batik Paintings transform throw pillows into works of art!

The following two pillows were made with different sizes of Batik Paintings.

The first one was made using a Celtic style 9″ x 9″ Batik Painting – this painting is still available on my website.

For the border and back of the pillow, I used Cotton Batik in Amethyst Jewel.

I stuffed this throw pillow with Poly-fil, rather than using a pillow form.

9″ x 9″ Celtic Batik Painting

celtic pillow-ed

This next pillow was made using a Small Sized Batik Painting in a zebra print.

The backside of this pillow doesn’t have to be made using a Batik Painting, as most people will just see the front.

For the backside of this pillow, I just used Cotton Batik in black.

To fill the pillow, I used a pillow form – it’s probably the easiest option for making a quick throw pillow.

Simply cut the fabric to fit the pillow form.

This one came out to be about 14″ x 15″.

Small Sized Zebra Batik Painting

 zebra pillow-ed

If you have more time on your hands, here are some beautiful throw pillow ideas:

Perhaps the most time consuming pillow, this one was hand embellished with beads and metallic thread.
If you have the patience for embellishing, the result is absolutely stunning!

Small Sized Dragon Batik Painting

dragon pillow

Here is another example of an embellished throw pillow:

Small Sized Horse Batik Painting

horse pillow-edupclose horse pillow

For all you quilters out there, here is a quilted Batik Painting sham which is perfect for a throw pillow.

What a wonderful way to use your skill!

I used a Small Sized Batik Painting and with the border, the sham was large enough to cover a 22″ x 22″ square pillow insert.

Small Sized Bird Batik Painting

puffin pillow-ed

Whichever type of throw pillow you choose to make, it is guaranteed to be the perfect gift!

Happy Sewing!