10 Ideas using our Craft Pattern!

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Both beautiful and unique, the Evening Star, as well as the Holiday Snowflake, require only a few supplies and take relatively little time to make. With both patterns you could interchange the ideas!

Simply iron contrasting fabrics on each side of Fast2Fuse® for the Evening Star and Wonder Under©* for the Holiday Snowflake, make a few cuts, and use a dollop of glue here and there. Before you know, you’ll have a few or a lot for your gift giving or decorative needs.

See if our list of ideas below motivates you to use them or if you are inspired to come up with your own unique use. Let us know how you would use the Evening Star or the Holiday Snowflake and we’ll add it to our list to inspire others.

1. Get rid of the winter doldrums by hanging several colorful snowflakes in a window.

2. Speaking of windows, hang several at different lengths to create a unique window curtain.3. If you have a room decorated with a space theme, make several, add some glitter, and hang them from the ceiling for stars.

4. Hang them from the ceiling? Try hanging them from the ceiling for a wedding reception made in the wedding colors.

5. Having an outdoor wedding? Make several Evening Stars in your wedding colors, add a painted dowel, and create decorative flowers to put in the ground. These also make great reception favors for guests to take home with them.

6. Looking for a nice Mother’s Day gift for a mother with everything? Make a few in her favorite colors. These make great gifts.

7. Fourth of July barbeque? Make them out of red, white and blue, hang them up to add a festive touch to your party.

8. Make them in black, add some white paint stripes and create chic Halloween spider webs.

9. Like having themed Christmas trees? Make the snowflakes in your special colors and hang them on your tree. Make the Evening Star in your theme colors and use as a tree topper.

10. Having a baby?  Make a mobile for your baby’s crib. You can customize to your nursery colors/themes.

*Fast2Fuse® and Wonder Under© are available online or in most fabric and craft stores.


evening star image

Evening Star Pattern Click Here

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Holiday Snowflake Pattern Click Here