Sewing with Knit Fabric

It doesn’t take special equipment to make fabulous (and let’s face it, totally comfy clothes that we all seem to like to wear these days) knit tops, dresses, skirts, etc. Here are a few guidelines…

Prefect Tank Top

The Prefect Tank Top, Pattern 149, in Pink Leaves on Pink KBFXX3120


The Perfect T-Shirt, Pattern 150, in KBFXX7600H Sea Glass Batik Knit

First, you can sew knit on a regular sewing machine! You don’t have to invest in a serger if you don’t already have one. If your knit is 100% cotton, prewash your fabric to get rid of any shrinkage. (On a side note, our Batik Knit is 100% cotton with a one-way stretch.)


As sewing with any fabric, let the feed dog control the fabric feed under the needle (you still have to guide it, of course!). This keeps the fabric from stretching and producing puckered seams. *Check your user manual to adjust the pressure. If there is too much pressure on the presser foot, this can cause the fabric to stretch.

Use a stabilizer, such as a lightweight interfacing, when sewing shoulder seams and any other seams where you don’t want stretch. You can use a universal (general purpose) needle to sew knit, it is that easy. No need to finish your seams, knit doesn’t ravel.

Cool Cardigan Red

For knits with a wide width, you need to adjust the yardage you purchase for your project. Below is a great conversion chart for determining yardage amounts. Our Batik Knits are 72” wide, you do not need to purchase as much yardage as you would using a smaller width knit fabric.

Here’s a simple way to determine the approximate amount of yardage you need when your pattern calls for one fabric width and your fabric width is different. Let’s say your pattern requires 2-½ yards of fabric with a 45” width. Locate the column on the chart below that reads “45 inches” and scroll down to 2-½.

Follow that row across the chart until you get to the column that reads nearest to the width of your fabric. For example, if your fabric is 72” wide, you’ll see that you need roughly 1-½ yards for your project.

Yardage Conversion Chart


This table is one of many you can find online, if you don’t already know how to convert yardage width. **There are apps available you can get as well, if you use a smart device. For our samples above we used the following:Cool Cardigans, Pattern 151, in KBFXX7702H Layered Heat Batik Knit-  The Perfect T-Shirt, Pattern 150, in KBFXX7600H Sea Glass Batik Knit – The Prefect Tank Top, Pattern 149, in KBFXX3120H Pink Leaves on Pink Batik Knit.            Go to Fashion Patterns – Go to  72″ Batik Knit Fabric – Go to Converting Yardage Chart