No-Sew Pillow Case


We’ve discussed how great of gifts pillows make and I have another one for you that you’re going to love – the No-Sew Pillow Cover!

As the name suggests, it requires no sewing.

You won’t even need your measuring tape – just a pillow form.

The cover is so easy to make, it’s no hassle to change it out according to the season or holiday.

The one shown in this post would make a fantastic Fall or Thanksgiving pillow.

If you made one in Jade Fern Grotto, a greenish Knit Batik, it would be perfect for Christmas.

You could make one for yourself to liven up your decor and make another as a gift all in the time it would take you to drive to the store!

main image

All you need is a sheet of fabric about three times as wide as your pillow form (plus a few extra inches) and twice as tall (plus a few extra inches).

Make sure to use pinking sheers so that the fabric does not fray.

I used a yard of 72″ wide Knit Batik in Red Planet Rising.

This is a great way to use your extra yards of fabric without having to commit to something – if you get tired of it, you can take it off easily and use it for another project!


1. Place the pillow form in the center of the fabric, with the inside of the fabric facing the pillow, so that the exterior is the pretty side.

place pillow


2. Fold the top and bottom half over the pillow.

step 2-1 step 2-2


3. Fold the sides inward like you’re wrapping a gift, in a triangular shape.

step 3


4. Bring the two triangular folded sides into the center and tie into a square knot.

step 4


5. Tuck the edges in for a neat knotted look.

last step


Incredibly easy to make, and it looks gorgeous!

Happy Sewing