Lampshade Recovering


Many of you are probably expecting company this week for the upcoming holidays,

which means you’re also probably cleaning and redecorating your house in preparation.

In previous posts, I’ve shown you how to use fabric to update your decor.

Here’s a new one for you: lamp shades.

If you have a lampshade that you’ve grown tired of,

or maybe it hasn’t kept up with changes in your decor,

there’s a quick fix for it!

This project is no-sew, low cost, and time efficient.



All you need is your least favorite lamp shade,

enough fabric to cover your least favorite lamp shade,

paper (for tracing), pins, scissors, spray adhesive (shown below in the steps), and a pencil!

Note: it’s best if your lamp shade is a solid light color,

as patterns and darker colors will show through the fabric you use to cover it.

With some lamp shades, it’s possible to remove the outer covering, revealing a plain white base.

white lamp shade


Step 1: Trace the lamp shade by starting at the seam and rolling it across the paper.

Add 1/2 inch to each side of the pattern and cut it out.



Step 2: Trace or pin the pattern to the wrong side of the fabric you plan to use.

Cut out the fabric.



Step 3: In a well-ventilated area, such as a garage or outdoors,

spray the wrong side of the fabric with adhesive.

The spray adhesive I use is sold at most craft stores,

Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

For safest and most effective use, be sure to follow the instructions on the can.



Step 4: Carefully center your shade on the fabric

by lining up the existing seam with the edge of the fabric.

Roll the shade along the fabric, as you did when you traced it,

smoothing it out as you go.

When you get to the start again,

fold over the edge and it will stick to itself and create a finished edge.

You can use either more spray adhesive or a hot glue gun to fix the folded edge to the shade.


Step 5: Fold over the edges at the top and bottom of the shade.

To keep your fingers from getting sticky,

you could use a Popsicle/craft stick to press the edges down.


For an extra strong hold, use a hot glue gun to secure the top and bottom edge.

Add trim or decorations, if desired.

The following lamp shades were created using Cotton Batik.

The first style, Summer Splash, is only available in bolt ends,

but it may be enough to cover your shade – measure your shade first.

The second style is Floating Blue Feathers.

This feather motif also comes in other colors

, Egyptian Floating Feathers and Oceanside Floating Feathers.

Summer Splash (only available in bolt ends)

finished lamp

Floating Blue Feathers

new lampshade- cbf4502

Here are some other fabrics that would make beautiful lamp shades:

Butterflies on Brown



Purple/Magenta Ornate Diamonds



Leaves on Mottled Green 



Sea Life on Purple


Happy Crafting!