Knit Batik Cardigan

Ghostly Greetings!

It’s Halloween, so I want to showcase my most festive fabric for the occasion… Day Lilies on Bright Multi.

This fiery Batik knit glows like a Jack-O-Lantern, yet has the versatility to brighten your wardrobe in all seasons!

 Day Lillies on Bright Multi (1)

On a crisp Halloween day, or any fall day really, I tend to reach for a cardigan.

In the Pacific Northwest we have an old adage: LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS.

When it’s chilly out, there’s nothing better than layering a cozy knit cardigan over your outfit, even better if it adds a pop of color to your day!

Knit fabric 2 -Cool cardigan

To make this lovely cardigan, I used the Cool Cardigans-Draped Front pattern from Pamela’s Patterns.

Her brand focuses on designing patterns that are flattering on all body types!
This pattern is recommended for fabrics with a good “drape”, so it’s open to non-knit fabrics.

I used the knit fabric featured above to create this piece.

edited Cool Cardigan Front Cover-700x850

I decided to make this cardigan with a 3/4 length sleeve, rather than a full long sleeve.
The sleeve length is based on preference and it looks great with both 3/4 length and full length sleeves!

Happy Sewing!