Ideas for Mini Paintings

Challenge yourself  to create new and fun projects using something you’ve never used before. If you haven’t played with our 5”  or 6″ Batik Mini Packets, or have only used them for quilting, try your hand at something different. Below are some ideas.

  What can you dream up?

group photo

Beverage Coasters


Cork coasters -> Cut -> Glue -> Enjoy

Beverage Koozies

Can Koozies
 We used plain ready-made neoprene can covers* that we ordered online, which made the project quick and easy. We simply removed the stitching and laid the cover out flat. Sew Celtic squares to fabric cut to cover the neoprene, add trim, and sew to neoprene. Attach Velcroâ to the short ends to secure the covers around the cans (this makes them adjustable to fit different sized cans and most bottles!). Keep your can covers simple or embellish them with fabric paints, crystals, additional trims, etc. Lastly, with the cover turned inside out, sew the bottom seam together, flip the cover back out to the right side, insert your favorite canned or bottled beverage and let the party begin! We used the CE5INCH Celtic Mini Packet, CBF2317J – Green Garden Gate, CBF251- Lime Gelato, and CBF100A – Black to create our can covers (One half-yard piece of fabric would be enough to cover all nine can covers). *You can also purchase neoprene yardage at fabric and crafts stores and cut your own pattern. Our neoprene covers measured 8-½ “X 4” with two 1-½” “half moons” at the bottom, which, when sewn together, make the can cover bottom.

Pocket Facings


Cut Pocket Shape -> Hem Edges -> Pin it and Sew

It’s that easy and adds a little extra to any outfit.

Greeting Cards

Batik Cards
Have you ever received a card from someone who clearly spent time personalizing a handmade card just for you? Using our Batik Mini Packets to make unique and special cards is a great way to send a message that expresses your individual style and lets them know that you value them. With so many Batik Mini Packet designs to choose from, you can create cards to fit any occasion. These cards are simple and quick to make. Purchase blank cards online or from an office supply store or stationary shop. Trim the Batik Minis to fit your chosen card stock size (or trim your cards to fit the Batik Mini as we did in our example). Apply an adhesive to the back of the Batik (we use Tombow Mono permanent adhesive tape as it is quick and easy to apply – Align the Batik on the card, press down, and smooth out. That’s it!

Hand Warmers

Use 2 Square ->  Sew wrong sides together – Leave opening -> Flip and fill with rice -> Sew Close
Just Simply warm in Microwave for 30 seconds

Sachet Pillows

Christmas Sachets family fun mag
Same as above just fill with you favorite scent

Small decorative purses

Tote Bag Embellishments

Wall Hangings

Throw Pillows

And of Course…Quilts!
Batiks Mini’s are hand-painted squares and come in packets of 9 different designs per packet. All are color-fast and are machine washable.