How to make and wear a Sarong

What is the best part of Summer?

Sunshine and the beach!  Are you looking for a quick and easy cover up  to wear to the beach?

A  Sarong is the perfect choice to complement your beach wear- just simply wrap and tie.

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For making a Sarong, our Rayon Batik fabrics are  stylish and chic!

Rayon Batik fabric is soft, lightweight, comfortable, flowing and drapes elegantly.

We have included a YouTube video at the bottom of the blog, showing many ways to wear a sarong.

 How to Make a Sarong

Items Needed:

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Sew Machine or fabric adhesive tape (such as Heat and Bond)


It’s simply a long rectangle of fabric, no pattern necessary!

The standard size sarong is 66″ in length by 45″ wide.


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However, with every woman being a different size, we found the best way to get the right size for  your body is:

your hip measurement + 36″.

Our Rayon Batik Fabric is 46″ wide and wouldn’t need to be adjusted for the length. (Unless you are petite or want a shorter sarong)

To finish, first cut off the selvage edge. Then  fold each raw edge  1/4″  and press to wrong side of fabric. (6 mm)

* If you have  a serger, first serge  then fold and press.

Fold again to the wrong side and sewing along the inside hem edge.

If you don’t sew, create a “hem” on the folded edges and use fabric adhesive tape.

(We suggest Heat’n Bond Iron-On Adhesive Hem, which works great with rayon.)

That’s it!

Lemon and Daffodils on Orange- RBF03715HLemon and Daffodils on Orange- RBF03715HBlack and White Gala- RBF01104KBlack and White Gala- RBF01104K


Now that you know how to make a sarong you just need to know the many different ways to tie and wear a sarong.

Watch the YouTube video and you are ready for the beach!

Enjoy your summer!


How to tie and style your sarong – youtube video