Fashion Inspiration!

Sometimes you see a fabric that you really like, but it’s hard to envision what you could make with it!  If you are in search of a little inspiration, you have come to the perfect place! Here are a few simple, comfortable, patterns to try out. You can find these patterns on our website (or right here > Fashion Patterns )

Happy sewing!


Just a little you should know about the wonders of Rayon-

This fabric is known for its flowing, care-free, and comfortable feel. It is safe for machine washing/drying and it’s colorfast. It also comes in all sorts of fantastic designs and colors to choose from! check them out here >  Rayon Batik Fabrics

Here are a few of our models rocking the

Swing Fever Jacket pattern in Rayon-


Swing_Fever_Jacket (3)  Swing_Fever_Jacket (1)  
(Moroccan Autumn Fabric)                     (Purple Garden Phlox Fabric)
Pictured: Kristen

Swing_Fever_Jacket   Swing_Fever_Jakcet Oceanside Floating Feathers 
(Oceanside Floating Feather Fabric)

Simple Elegant Tee in Rayon-


Elegant_Tee (1)   Elegant_TeeSunkissed Rosemallows 
(Sun-Kissed Rosemallow Fabric)
Pictured: Lillian


A common misunderstanding with knit is that it is hard to work with, but in fact it’s just the opposite! This type of fabric can be  used on a regular sewing machine. It is strong enough that the ends don’t unravel or need finishing. It is also safe for machine washing/ drying and colorfast. This cozy, flexible fabric comes in a variety of designs and colors! Indonesian Batiks is the only supplier of Batik Knit Fabric in the United States!

Check them out here > Knit Batik Fabrics


                   The Cool Cardigan Pattern in Knit-


Cool_CardigansDay Lillies on Bright Multi (2)  Day Lillies on Bright Multi (1)
(Day Lillies on Bright Multi Fabric)
Pictured: Lillian


Perfect T-shirt Pattern in Knit-


Perfect_TshirtCranberry Wine
(Cranberry Wine Fabric)
Pictured: Kristen


Cotton is so fun to work with! As shown in some examples below, there are a wide range of wonderful colors and designs available to mix and match with! These are all able to be machine washed/dried and colorfast  as well.

check them out here > Cotton Batik Fabrics

Here is the gorgeous Lillian displaying two types of the Patchwork Jacket Patterns:


Patchwork_Short_Jacket (1)   Patchwork_Short_Jacket
(Short version of jacket.)
Patchwork_Long_Jacket  Patchwork_Long_Jacket (1)
(Long version of jacket.)