Fabric Naming Contest 2016- Winners

Congratulations to all Our Winners!

Contest is Over
You could win 2 yards of this NEW fabric.
NEW Cotton and Rayon Batik Fabrics are coming to our warehouse soon!
 There are so many new fabrics to fuel your creativity. We are excited to show you all of the new colors and designs.
Keep an eye out for their arrival.

We need your help with naming the fabrics.

Send in your ideas for fabric names and you could win 2 yards of the fabric you named if we choose it! 

4050M- Sapphireberry Blossom

Submitted By: Vicky H.


3300M- Blushing Ombre’

Submitted by: Ashley C.


4535M- Blue Marguerite Ombre’

Submitted by: Christina W.


4407M- Spring Pond

Submitted by: Suzanne E.


7102M- Cirtus Green Wild Roses on Smokey Gray

Submitted by: Darla S.


4325M- Layered Stratosphere

Submitted By: Rite V.


6102M- Wild Roses on Pumpkin

Submitted by: Audrey H.


4530M- Tropical Indigo Blossom

Submitted by: Mary A.


One entry per fabric, per person
Keep each fabric name to no more than five words.
Include number with each name idea.
Provide contact information with entry. 
Submit entry via Facebook wall post, private message, or email entry to info@indobatiks.com
(If you are sending your entry from a mobile device, please include your email address so we can contact you.)