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Batik originated centuries ago in what are now the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. The art of Batik is associated with the cultural identity of the Indonesian people. Batiks are ever present in the lives of Indonesians. To this day Batik fashion is worn in business and academic settings, as well as celebrations of marriage and pregnancy and into puppet theater.


Batiks are a cultural treasure for Indonesia. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized Indonesian batik as a “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” in 2009. The promotion of the village arts is a way of keeping alive an important part of a vibrant and beautiful culture.


Ali is one of the many fabric maker we work with to preserve this tradition. This family owned and operated business and our company, Indonesian Batiks, have been working together for a number of years creating our line of exquisite cotton and rayon batik fabrics. Their company is based on the island of Java located in Indonesia. They have been in the business of creating beautiful and unique batiks fabric for roughly 20 years. Their company employs 150 people in their community with many family members working within the company.

Batik is the process of waxing and dyeing cloth.

cleaning the floor before productionpacking_ROT

White cloth is washed for any impurities to ensure proper dye process.

checking white cotton

The artists use handcrafted copper stamps to create the motif on the fabrics.

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Each stamp is hand designed and created by local artists.

office and staffour pattern designersome of our designs

The stamps are dipped in wax and applied to dyed or white fabric depending on the intend outcome of the fabric. The wax prevents the fabric from absorbing the dye.


Once they have the design set, they dip the fabric into the dye.

production process 4

They start with the lightest colors working toward the darkest colors waxing and dyeing each color used.

production process 1crinkle processfactory 1

When they are finished with this process, they put the fabric in boiling water and melt the wax off.

production process 2

Fabrics are washed and laid out to dry in the sun to ensure strong color and color fastness.

Sun drying

Wrapped on bolts, packaged and shipped to us.